Posted: April 10th, 2021

Cj: discussion question 1 | Economics homework help


assignment reading

1. Kouzes & Posner Chapter 1 (book title: Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations 6TH 17)

2. Northouse Chapter 1 (  Book Title:Leadership: Theory and Practice 8TH 19
3. NIMS Chapter 5 and Appendix B Tab 1)

NIMS-2008 ( 5 and Appendix B Tab 1 )-see attachment 

Discussion Topic #1: Compare and contrast identified leadership traits from Kouzes & Posner and Northhouse and show how they would integrate into the NIMS/ICS model?

In addition to the assigned readings this week, conduct independent research for this topic. Locate an article, PPT, or web site that supports your position for Discussion Topic #1. After you reference it in your post, place the article or PPT into the Doc Sharing area to facilitate future student use. When you place it into the Doc Sharing area use the following format: Week 4 – McLellan- National Integration Center sets policy (the article or PPT name).

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