Posted: April 10th, 2021

Assignment title: choose one of the following essay titles:


Choose one of the questions above and write an essay of 1500 words (+/- 10%) in response to the question. Your response should meet the assessment criteria listed above. Do not use the assessment criteria as a plan for the essay; they are not intended for this purpose and if used in this way the argument in your essay may be compromised. The assessment criteria identify knowledge and skills that a good essay will demonstrate in various ways and in various places. Remember that an academic essay is a persuasive piece of writing so make sure that your argument is clear and well supported – Follow the advice on how to research and write your essay provided in unit 1 Sociology, in the Sociology course guide and in Study Skills.

1.  identify and explain relevant patterns and / or trends in educational achievement1.1  selected relevant patterns and / or trends in educational achievement, such as those relating to class, gender or ethnicity.1.2  explained these patterns and / or trends2.  explain factor/s affecting levels of educational achievement2.1  identified relevant factors affecting educational achievement such as parental expectations, sub-cultural values, intelligence etc2.2  explained how these factors impact on educational achievement3. apply relevant sociological concepts and / or theories to the issue of educational achievement.3.1  identified relevant concepts and / or theories such as Interactionism, Marxism, Functionalism, or the theories and work of sociologists such as Bourdieu and Bernstein.3.2  explained relevant aspects of these theories/ideas / concepts and applied them to educational achievement4.  critically analyse explanations and/ or theories of differential educational achievement 4.1  written critically about at least one of the following:●  one or more theories of differential educational attainment●  one or more factors contributing to differential educational attainment●  an academic article on educational  attainment4.2  arrived at judgements about the theories/factors/article covered 

Assignment Title: Choose ONE of the following essay titles: (Racism on school children)

1.  Critically discuss ONE academic article relevant to this unit (the article must be agreed by your lecturer).

2.  Choose ONE social group and critically assess the role played by at least one factor in the performance of this group. 

3.  Outline ONE factor thought to affect attainment and analyse the impact of this factor on different types of student.

In order to be accepted as a submission:Your essay must include in-text referencing and you must provide a reference list and separate bibliography. Your references/ bibliography should all be in the correct format and your bibliography should contain a minimum of five sources. A completed frontsheet must also be submitted with your essay. Please include a wordcount at the end of your essay which shows that your work is 1500 words (+/- 10%)– you do not count any headings or references in this count (at the end or in-text)UK Source ONLY


BooksCalverley, A., 2012. Cultures of Desistance: Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Ethnic Minorities. Oxon: Routledge.Alibhai-Brown, . Y. et al., 2000. The Future of Multi-ethnic Britain: Report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain. London: Profile Books.Blundell, J., McNeill, P. & Griffith, J., 2003. Sociology AS: The Complete Companion AQA. London: Nelson Thornes.Browne, K., 2006. Introducing Sociology for AS Level. Cambridge: Polity Books.Foster, P., Gomm, R. & Hammersleley, M., 1995. Constucting Educational Inequality. Oxon: Routledge.Haralambos, M., Holborn, M., Chapman, S. & Moore, S., 2013. Sociology, Themes and Perspectives,. 8 ed. London: Harper Collins.Haralambos, M., Richardson, J., Taylor, P. & Yeo, A., 2003. Sociology in focus for AQS AS level. London: Pearson Longman.Holborn, M. & Steel, L., 2011. Education with Research Methods. London: Collins Education.Law, I. & Swann, S., 2013. Ethnicity and Education in England and Europe. Surrey: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.Meighan, R., 1993. A Sociology of Educating. 2nd ed. Trowbridge: Cassell Educational Ltd..Tackey, N. D., Barnes , H. & Khambhaita, P., 2011. Poverty, ethnicity and education, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.WebsitesButler, V., 2012. [Online] Available at:…/EducationWHdebateJune2012.pdf [Accessed 15 Dec 2013]. Richardson, H., 2011. BBC News. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 3 December 2013], 2013. Office for National Statistics. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 15 December 2013], 2013. Office for National Statistics. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 23 November 2013].

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