Posted: April 7th, 2021

Paper | ELE711 | California University of Pennsylvania


Your assignment is to answer these two question: (a) Explain what it means to understand, and (b) explain the connections between understanding and the shared standards. Be sure to explicitly answer the two questions and avoid information that is not found in the text.  

The best way to compose this paper is to write a one-page summary of understanding (see pg. 20, ¶ 1 and Figures 2.15 and 2.8 as place to start), and start your paper with “Understanding is…” Then support your explanation with information from the text. This summary should be about 1 to 1½ pages in length. Then look over the shared standards and explain which aspects best emphasize the understanding of mathematics. This should also be about 1 to 1½ pages in length.

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