Posted: April 7th, 2021

Mental health and wellness | Social Science homework help


3 DB1

Describe one evidenced-based practice (EBP) that mental health professionals use to support and address the symptoms associated with trauma or anxiety. Distinguish the EBP you are describing from the other EBPs posted by your classmates. How might your selected EBP be helpful in your future work?

3 DB 2

After watching the Ted talk by Nadine Burke Harris, Identify two adverse childhood experiences, how they negatively impact mental health and wellness, and two ways to cope with the type of stress/trauma as one grows into adulthood.

4 DB1

Describe one evidenced-based practice that mental health professionals use to support and address the symptoms associated with mood disorders. How does the practice you described compare with the other practices shared by classmates?

4 DB 2

Select one type of mood disorder and describe effects it may potentially have on the body, mind, and spirit of an individual.

5 DB1

Identify an agency in your area that provides services for individuals with a selected Developmental Disorder. Describe some of the services offered by this organization. How would an individual begin to receive services at this agency? What are the requirements in your state for an individual to be eligible for services?

5 DB 2

Select a developmental disorder and describe potential challenges an individual might have relating to physical and emotional wellness. What are some of the challenges for the affected family?

6 DB1

Describe a best practice for a mental health disorder that was new to you after navigating the SAMHSA website. Provide a brief description of the intervention and target population.

6 DB 2

Describe a holistic treatment approach that could be used for someone struggling with substance use and how they may benefit from different aspects of social support.

7 DB1

Of the eight dimensions of wellness, which two are the most vital to well-being? Use a peer-reviewed article to support your position.

7 DB 2

What effects does physical activity have on emotional well-being?  What effect does spirituality have on various aspects of well-being?  Use a peer-reviewed article to support your position on one of these questions.

8 DB1

What is the role of spirituality in mental health and wellness? How can it enhance wellness? How can it hinder wellness? 

8 DB 2

What are the nine competencies for integrating spirituality into counseling? Which competency would be the most difficult for you? Explain.

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