Posted: April 7th, 2021

Develop critical thinking methods addressing cyber security ethics

Assessment Instructions

Hackers are people and come from all walks of life. While they may share certain characteristics such as being computer savvy, an introvert, and a creative thinker, many have access to tools and methods of which most people have never heard. This leaves others in the dark as to their capability. By doing research on recent hacking incidents, you will gain insight into their methods and process for gaining access to systems for which they do not have access.

Search and review two articles using your favorite search engine or the Library, one related to hacking and another to phreaking. Then, write a 2–3-page paper summarizing each topic. Include specifics such as motivations, purpose, methods, and user impact. Also include the level of preparedness of the target hacked. Indicate possible solutions that could prevent hacking from taking place. Cite your resources and use APA formatting guidelines.

Be sure to include Standard English and a clear viewpoint regarding each topic. Ensure your paper contains clear organization of the topics, including the level of preparedness and possible solutions for hacking. Your communication of the topic summaries, level of preparedness, and possible solutions should be well-ordered, logical and unified.

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