Posted: April 7th, 2021

Customer service training manual powerpoint

 “You are the training manager of a general customer service department and are tasked to create a brochure/manual/pamphlet using Google Slides or PowerPoint that is >1,500-words.  Be sure that the font is 24pt. for your supporting points. The reason for this is because anything smaller than that your employees  would have difficulty reading them in your presentation.  This should be based on what was covered in the entire course, and what key points you would want the new employees to understand as they begin their new position for the company. You may include and expand upon your writings from earlier units and may be completed on as many slides/pages as needed. I do not want this final completed like a normal word document.  It should look like a manual/brochure/pamphlet. This a chance to show your creativity and to impress your boss. It should look professional and be well organized.   

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