Posted: April 7th, 2021

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This assignment is a “Reflection Paper” that asks you to articulate your position on the role of music in various martial contexts. You should think critically about what role music/sound should play in these scenarios, how this role may change based on the context in which LRADs or other amplified music is used and support your argument from the perspective of a Christian worldview.

Before writing this paper, you should consider the following questions:

  1. Is it morally appropriate to utilize music as an “enhanced interrogation” technique, such as that practiced at Guantánamo Bay?
  2. Is it morally appropriate to use LRADs in the following scenarios? (Especially given the real possibility of permanent hearing damage.)
    • War
    • Unofficial military actions (such as dealing with pirates or unrecognized rebel groups)
    • Civilian Protesters (Note: this is a distinct concept from rioters)
  3. Is it morally appropriate to utilize music/sounds to target a general demographic you deem unwelcome at your business?

You can discuss the above questions in your reflection paper, but you do not have to cover each area. If your musings take you in a different direction as you consider the potential benefits/costs of using sound in this way, feel free to pursue those thoughts instead of the above questions. They are merely here to help you ponder the ethical and philosophical questions we are dealing with in this unit.

You must address both military and civilian contexts in your paper. Consider how/if your ethical position shifts depending on whether you are discussing a war zone, prisoners of war, and civilian groups.

You should also support your argument with scripture references when possible. Please include exact references (i.e. “as Jesus stated in Matthew 5:3”).

Formatting: 3 pages (600-800 words), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font. Upload your responses in the space below. Ensure that your paper is in PDF format.

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