Posted: April 7th, 2021

3 part business law assignment


This is a 3-part assignment on business law. Each prompt response must be a page in length and include its own internet references. 

Prompt 1

Sometimes, common law varies slightly from state to state. Find out whether the common law, as to when a person can recover using quasi-contract, varies among the states in your region.

Using , or the search engine of your choice, locate one case in your current state (Texas)  and one case in three additional states in your region (Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico)  for a total of 4 cases, where the court either granted or denied recovery, based on quasi-contract.

Prompt 2

Review UCC 2-209 on modification of contracts (Links to an external site.) at: Draft a written contract clause that requires a writing for modification.

Sources must be cited in APA format and the assignment should not exceed one page in length using 12 point font and one inch margins. 

Prompt 3

Read Quebec’s Uniform Illegal Contracts Act at:

Then, write a memo on the following items:

1. Summarize your findings on how Quebec’s law handles illegal contracts.

2. Contrast the way the law in Quebec and the law in the United States treat illegal contracts.

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