Posted: April 5th, 2021

His-114 discussion week 3: 3-2 discussion: what caused black tuesday?

We know that the causes of the Great Depression ultimately led to a stock market crash on October 29,

1929, known as Black Tuesday. However, identifying one specific cause for this economic depression can

be difficult.

In this discussion, list at least three causes of the Great Depression and identify which particular cause

you think was most damaging to the country’s economy. Provide an overview of the cause and how it

correlates to the stock market crash. Has this type of economic catastrophe occurred during the last

decade, causing economic hardship? Explain.

In responding to your peers’ posts, address the following questions: What precautions have economists

or the government taken to prevent at least one of these causes to date? Have we learned from our

history, or are we still committing the same mistakes?

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