Posted: April 3rd, 2021

texas history | American history homework help

Section A: As you can imagine, Texans have lots of pride when it comes to the history of their state. Did you know we are the only state that was once a republic? From 1836-1845, Texas was its own country and we even had an embassy in the UK. Part of this pride stems from the fact children are taught Texas history at an early age. Do any of you have a similar experience with Texas history?

What are some new pieces of information you learned by reading the Texas History articles?

Section B: After reading the articles on POV: What caused the Mexican War? What are the historians trying to argue as to what really caused the Mexican War? And consider this question: At one point during the war, the US army marched into Mexico and occupied Mexico City. Why did the US decide not to take over owning all of Mexico? Why do you think this may have caused problems?

Section C: Please select 3 Quotes from the Zinn Chapter and write a brief paragraph as to why you think each quote has significance in US history? (Please write a paragraph for EACH quote).

Section D: Why is the term “Manifest Destiny” so important in US history?  What did you learn about it in the American Yawp textbook?  Does everyone benefit from Manifest Destiny? 

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