Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Rhetorical analysis | Article writing homework help


For this essay, you will write a rhetorical analysis that examines an argument made by a writer.  I will be teaching you what a rhetorical analysis is, and you will need to use some of the vocabulary from those lessons in your essay (a list of the vocabulary is on this page).  Sections 7d, 7e, 8b, and 8c of your textbook have excellent teaching material on the analytical thinking and vocabulary that we do when we are doing rhetorical analysis.

The essay should be written in third person. You will only be discussing one source. I will not worry about documentation EXCEPT that you should name the author and title of the source and use signal phrases to keep your reader mindful of when you are presenting material from that source, and use quotation marks when you are quoting words from the source. Our topic is  “flexible workspaces”, and you must choose an article as described under “Sources” below.  

 I have chosen to work on the article “Working Remotely May Cause Added Stress for Employees” written by the author Rebecca J. Rosen obtained from Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. 

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