Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Reading response due in 10 hours!

Due before Oct 30,2018 at 8:00AM Chicago time zone

Read the article and answer the questions with your own words. (No citation)

For Scruton’s:

1.What is the difference between erotic art and pornography? How does it relate to Scruton’s distinction between imagination and fantasy from last time’s reading?

2.Looking at pp. 176-178, what is desecration, and how can certain ways of representing sex and violence be guilty of “the willful desecration of the human form?”

For Danto’s:

1.Why, according to Danto, are appearances so important to people?

2. In what way can a photograph present a person other than she desires to be presented?

3. What are some reasons people have thought it inappropriate to paint, or photograph, people in the nude?

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