Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Interruptions (bad listening strategies) | English homework help

Students: Chapter 5 in your textbook addresses the issue of interruptions (“Bad Listening Strategies: Interrupting,” pg 283-284). Chapter 7 talks about relationships in the workplace and relationships between individuals in which one person has more power than the other. Consider the information in these chapters from the perspective of gender equality.

Now, read these articles: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

QUESTION FOR YOU: Based on the above, what can be  done to promote gender equality in the workplace? What steps can be taken? *Copy this question and put your response underneath it. 

Be sure to clearly cite at least ONE textbook chapter and the TWO articles in your response. (300 words minimum).

Cite the textbook at least one time in your response: Example: Must say: “According to Chapter 5 of our textbook, (info from the book goes here).” Then, be sure to immediately and specifically connect this info to what you are saying in your response.

Cite each article like this: According to the Supreme Court justices article[ or the Weinstein article–required to cite both individually]  (info from the article goes here). Then, be sure to specifically connect this info to what you are saying in your response.

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