Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Corporate social irresponsibility (1000 words response in apa format | ethical and legal envviroment of organizations | Bethel University

1 why would companies choose to inflate the image of their corporate citizenship>

2. is it ethical to direct company donations to “non profit groups closely aligned with the interests of the corporation’s employees, communities, and business objectives? why or why not?

3 is it ethical to direct company donations to support “pet projects of senior managers or board members? why or why not?

4 why would budgeting a fixed percentage of pretax profits for corporate philanthropy be seen as a more convincing commitment to CSR than just funding a variety of projects?

5 the authors of this article claim that “an effectively managed contribution program can deliver strong returns to a corporation. What might those returns be?

6. the does the fact that Target and General Mills donate five times more than the minimum 1 percent make them five times more socially responsible? why or why not?

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