Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Case study 5.1 and lab work 5.1

Discussion 5.1

What are decision trees used for in a business setting? Why are they popular? Provide examples.

Case Study 5.1

  • Read the Case Study:  Case 6.2 West Houser Paper Company (page # 289) from text book
  • Write a summary analysis and determine if they used the correct tools to conduct the analysis. 

Writing Requirements

  • 3–4 pages in length  (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
  • Provide reference list and citations.
  • APA format, Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment..

Lab 4

Complete the following in Chapter 6

Problems: #31 , #34  from textbook (Page #282, #283). Excel data has been attached below.

Work on the problems and clearly explain answering the questions in word document.

Provide the worked on excel files

The assignment must be an APA formatted paper with embedded excel files

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