Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Article summary | Management homework help

 First Article 150-200 Words 

 Select an article that touches on the ethical concepts you learned from this week.  Post a summary of your article for discussion with your classmates, and answer the following question:  What ethical dilemmas did you notice in your article review for this week? Provide examples and incorporate concepts you learned from the textbook 

duties that employers and employees owe each other. The materials presented this week provide opportunities will allow you to:
Assess the role of ethics in a business environment.


Review the Link to Learning piece on page 197 as provided below:

Moonlighting has become such a common phenomenon that the website Glassdoor now has a section reserved for such jobs. The Glassdoor website has a number of postings for different moonlighting opportunities ( to explore.

What is your opinion of moonlighting (aka side hustle)?

Second Article 200-250 words 

Review the Link to Learning piece as provided below:

Do you think you know yourself? Take this free online personality test (
53personality) from IDR Labs; it may tell you something you did not know that you can use to your.

What were the results of your personality test? What did you learn about yourself?

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