Posted: April 3rd, 2021

Airport security | Criminal homework help


Scenario: Intelligence reported that a group of women and children are be brought in for the Super Bowl through the three main airports–Miami, NYC, and Los Angeles–typically used in human trafficking. You are part of the airport private security at one of these airports (specify which one) working with other airport personnel and local law enforcement, knowing that the traffickers will be flying into these airports from either Canada or Mexico.  

Task 1:  Who is the Criminal and how do the criminal do the crime? Start with a definition of human trafficking (not to be confused with human smuggling) and be clear to explain sex trafficking as this is the crime in the scenario. Provide information about traffickers and explain how they operate (Bastick & Grimm, 2007; Perry, 2018).

Task 2: What is the current security in place at the airport? As part of border security, airports allow people to move nationally and internationally, particularly at the three airports mentioned. Describe what airport security personnel (NOT TSA) are currently doing to detect and report suspected traffickers and their victims to local law enforcement consistent with the Blue Lightning initiative (Alden, 2017; Bastick & Grimm, 2007; Cozine, 2018; Perry, 2018; Seidenstat, 2004).

Task 3: What improvements can be made to prevent and detect human trafficking?  Too often, traffickers and their victims are slipping past airport security and personnel. Describe 2-3 specific ways to improve private security policies or procedures to better stop human trafficking, arrest traffickers, and rescue the victims (Alden, 2017; Bastick & Grimm, 2007; Cozine, 2018; Perry, 2018; Seidenstate, 2004).

Be sure to incorporate the Blue lightning initiatives and use ALL of the required readings to address this scenario (hint–see citations for each task).


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Cozine, K. (2018). Border security. In In Shapiro, L.R., & Maras, M-H (eds.), Encyclopedia of Security and Emergency Management.  NY: Springernature.

Perry, M. (2018). “The tip of the iceberg”: Human trafficking, borders, and the Canada-US North. Canada-United States Law Journal, 42, 204-226.

Seidenstat, P. (2004). Terrorism, airport security, and the private sector. Review of Policy Research, 21(3), 275-291. 

You may also want to view these documents/websites cited above.

Department of Homeland Security.  (2018). Blue Campaign. Accessed at: (10/6/2018).

U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (2015). Human trafficking.Accessed at:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (2017). Blue lightning.  Accessed at: (10/6/2018)

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