Posted: April 3rd, 2021

1750 words 40 hrs | English homework help

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Essay you are to trace the lineage of a contemporary visual object or artifact in the field of communication of Arts. Travel back in time to find it’s historical antecedents, precedences, and precursors. Focus on specific people, places, events, and ideologies that have shaped how this artifact has come to be in today’s world. You must leap back in time at least 7 jumps that cross all of the 5 time zones of the course: pre-industrial, industrial, modern, post-modern, and contemporary.

Reference at minimum: 

1 contemporary artifact

7 artifacts of historical significance important to the history of visual communication. 

5 artists/designers/illustrators of historical significance.

5 important historical figures commonly NOT understood as artists

5 significant historical events

3 Geographic centers of production

3 Ideologies/movements/isms we’ve discussed in class that have punctuated the history of visual communication


Writing Requirements:

A script for your time-based piece with a Minimum word count of 1750—2000 words. This is the bare minimum, however you will most likely need to write much more in order to complete the requirements listed above. This will include formal analysis, historical facts, citations with annotations and extended captions. Your text should include an introduction and a conclusion.


Citations (in addition to the 1750-2000 word requirement):

Bibliography of at least 7 quality sources. 

Annotations: At least 2 complete Annotations for Quality sources. 

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