Posted: March 29th, 2021

Technical writing week 2 assignment


Definition of a Problem Report

This week you will create a definition of a problem report. Review the steps on How to Write a Problem Statement for Business before you begin. The headings and sections of the definition of a problem report are identified in your weekly lecture video. There are other report formats in the textbook.

The purpose of this report is:

·  to determine if a problem truly exits;

·  to clarify the complexity and various components of the problem; and

·  to allow all involved parties a chance to seek appropriate solutions.

Here are some things to keep in mind about a definition of a problem report:

·  It is not a persuasive report, so please do not try to convince your reader of anything

·  Changing the speed limit on a particular road

·  Upgrading company technology

·  Creating a student lounge

·  Creating a community garden

You should create a 2-3 page report defining your problem.  It must include the following:

·  A title page

·  Headings that indicate major sections (INTRODUCTION, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION) and subsections (such as Statement of Purpose, Background, and anything relevant to your particular topic; for example, Childcare issues and productivity)

·  Formal language

·  Research

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