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 Title: COVID19 Activity Across British Columbia 

 1. Introduction (200 words) – Introduce the topic & background information 2. Data collection using intext citation (200 words) – Use at least 3 resources to extract your data 3. Data analysis / Results (200 words) – Use ONE graphical presentation to display results 4. Conclusion / recommendation (200 words) 5.Bibliography (Reference using APA citation) 

 2. In introduction, write a background on the project 3. In data collection paragraph, use 3 different resources to collect the number of COVID cases across British Columbia between the period March 2020 – September 2020 4. In data analysis, represent your data using any ONE chart that you learnt in the course BUS 1033, for instance a bar chart showing number of COVID19 cases versus 6 months. 5. In conclusion paragraph: – Draw conclusion or inferences based on results – indicate group member contribution using a table 6. Use APA in-text citation throughout report to  support external facts that you collected.