Posted: March 29th, 2021

M2 reflection journal | Government homework help

This will be a guided reflection.  Please include responses to (all of) the following questions in your journal:

  • What stereotypes did you find represented your own views in reading Powell?
  • How do these stereotypes influence your perception of diversity?
  • How has this perception been formed?
  • What are some examples to reinforce your response?
  • Choose one of the diversity issues and challenges we have studied in Module 1 and describe your experience in relationship to the topic you have chosen.

Please be sure to reference the readings in your response.

Students are asked to submit their responses in a four-to-six page reflection journal, double spaced, 12-point font, in an .RTF or Word file names with their last name, assignment number (i.e. SPECTOR_M2A1) by the due date.

The following information is attached with the Reflective Journal Template, located under the Course Information Tab. I am including it here again so that you don’t miss it. 


You will use the Reflective Journal template provided here (the template is called DiversityRJ2.rtf– you need to click to start). However, before reviewing the template, there are some important technical reminders:


  • The document is a .rtf file. It will open in Microsoft, Word Perfect and Macintosh environments.


  • Save the file using your last name and first initial and the phrase journal DiversityRJ2. E.g. the saved filename will be Smithb DiversityRJ2.rtf  or if you want, it can also be saved as .doc or .docx.


  • Please do not save as a PDF because I should be able to provide comments in the assignment itself, and send it back. 


  • You will be using the same file for the entire course. Make sure you know where it is on your laptop/computer.


  • You will have to upload the file into course assignment drop boxes AFTER each assignment is completed. Please remember to click “submit assignment” to fully submit it. Otherwise it stays as “Draft.”


  • I will insert comments on the right column and return the updated file to you.


  • Once you receive the file with your instructor’s comments you MUST save the file again so you have that copy and use it again for the next module journal entry.


  • The document is designed to enlarge as you write. As the template instructions indicate, the length of each entry is your choice unless otherwise indicated by your Instructor.


  • Please START writing your assignment “after” the table – see the example on the Template; not inside the “table” where the questions are or where my comments should be. This should give students MORE space to write and to include charts, graphs, images, where applicable.




Have some fun with your Reflective Journal. Be creative. Be uninhibited with your personal reflections on the topics assigned. In the modules without Reflective Journal assignments you are encouraged to add your own reflection topics.


  • As you write your journal entries ask yourself “how” and “why”. These thought questions will aid in your reflection and continue to help you think more deeply about a topic from this Diversity course.
  • Important: Reflect in your journal based on the readings (books, articles, etc.) and how you plan to apply the ideas in your future experiences.
  • You should also link your reflections to your past or current experiences.
  • Think of your journal entry as a full one page response to the question as opposed to just one paragraph.
  • Be sure to write in complete sentences, too. Writing quality counts! 
  • And don’t forget the APA citation format for all your citations and references. Must have references of the sources where you got the information!

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