Posted: March 29th, 2021

• in your essay you must explain how trade and travel influenced the


•We have discussed the rise and fall of several different empires and states since the midterm. For this essay, pick any two of the polities below and compare and contrast their origins and decline.

• In your essay you must describe at least two methods used by rulers to establish political legitimacy, at least one method by which rulers attempted to unify their subjects, and at least two factors that contributed to the decline of the polity. 

•Note, I am not asking you to fully explain the demise of any of these states, but rather to simply identify two factors that contributed to decline and explain how these factors contributed to the fall of the state

•Mongol Empire  The Western Roman Empire 

•The Carolingian Empire  The Byzantine Empire



•We have discussed the impact of trade and travel extensively in class. For this essay, explain the role that trade and travel played in two of the areas listed below.

• In your essay you must explain how trade and travel influenced the spread of ideas (Religion, politics, etc), materials, and people in those areas. For each of the categories (ideas, material goods, and people) you must provide at least two examples. 

•Also, be sure to explain not only how trade and travel influenced the diffusion of these things but also the circumstances that permitted (or restricted) trade and travel.

•Eurasia (1200-1370) 

•Western Europe (500-1000)

•The Islamic World (North Africa, the Middle East and central Asia, 670-1200)

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