The central question for this assignment is: what is to be done? The objective of this assignment is to employ the knowledge you have accumulated over the duration of this course to create an action plan for a large challenge facing the hospitality or tourism sectors (you can focus on a specific product, such as ATVs, hunting (consumptive tourism), medical tourism, voluntourism, zoos, dark tourism, culinary experiences involving endangered species, sex tourism, issues with cruise ships, casinos and gambling, resort development in environmentally sensitive areas, overtourism, social license, pro-poor tourism, staff attrition/retention issues in the hotel sector, harassment, diversity, inclusion, and equity, etc). 

Here is a suggested outline for this assignment. A rough idea of word count per section is provided to indicate the areas of emphasis in the paper. 

  1. Introduction. Provide the aim and purpose of your paper, and include the ethical issue you wish to address and why. (300 words)  
  2. Discussion of your own ethical perspective or theory. (400 words)  You can use the first person. Include and cite relevant course material.
  3. Explain the ethical problem that is the focus of your paper. Draw on any recent literature you need. Why is it an ethical issue?  (400 words)
  4. Diagram of a theory of change: when you address the ethical problem, describe the ultimate goal to achieve, and what are the preconditions needed to get there? (diagram + 200 words)
  5. Describe in more detail what actions you are proposing to do to address one or some of the preconditions. Who needs to do what?  What permissions do you need, if any?  What are your timelines? Are there other elements that you need to explain here? (700 words)
  6. Conclusion.  Recap the aim and purpose and key actions and anticipated outcomes. (200 words)