Posted: March 29th, 2021

Discussion three carol dweck | English homework help

 A mindset is a mental and emotional attitude.  Dweck’s reading shows that a fixed mindset has negative effects on a young person’s chances for success.  What is another mindset that affects young adults’ possibility for success?  Just as Dweck identifies, defines, and gives examples of a fixed mindset, you need to give your idea a term, describe it, and show through one detailed example how this mindset of yours causes young people to limit their success.  Then, going to the reading, give some ideas about what according to Dweck causes a fixed mindset to occur.  You can paraphrase or quote from Dweck’s article, but you need to cite or document it as the source.  Finally, what ideas do you have about the cause of your chosen mindset and how do these differ from the causes of a fixed mindset.  (200 words)

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