Posted: March 29th, 2021

Course project: digital marketing competitive analysis

  In Part I, you will be asked to assess how effectively your organization and their two competitor’s websites serves their buyers’ needs, using the marketing mix (4Ps) as the basis for your analysis. 

 You are asked to select a specific product or service that you are interested in purchasing from one of the organizations that predominantly or entirely market digitally from the list below, and then research two competitors that may be primarily digital or not. 

Company: Glossier 


Product or Service Strategy (Customer)

  • How, specifically, does the product/service benefit the user?
  • Identify key value proposition message(s).
  • Identify target segment(s) served.
  • Why do they buy (luxury, worthwhile, comfort, instant or deferred gratification)?
  • How well does the website content help the user/buyer decide?
  • How well does the website answer specific buyers’ questions?

Price (Cost)

Note: Value = Perceived Benefits less – (Price Paid + Transaction Costs + Opportunities Lost)

  • What are the key transaction costs in this offer beyond list price?
  • Identify key pricing approach(es) (predatory, coupons, skimming, frequent user discounts, other).
  • Explain base price + extras; possibly options or monthly fees.
  • How effective is the site privacy policy?
  • What evidence shows the site is secure in terms of your personal information?
  • Are warranty issues covered (duration, dispute resolution, return policy)?

Promotion (Communication)

  • Psychographics: why, specifically, does your buyer choose this digital product/service?
  • How effective are key selling messages on the site?
  • What does or a similar site say about the offer?
  • How are traditional marketing and digital marketing media blended by competitors?
  • How are new media (social media; mobile media) used by your digital competitors?
  • Does the website fit the company’s image (luxury/quality/price)?
    • Is that image coherent throughout the site?
    • Does the art support or interfere with the message?
  • How well does the site promote itself (up-sell) within its own pages?

Place (Convenience)

  • What is the market scope (regional, national or global)?
  • What is the method of delivery (direct to you, via intermediaries, other)?
  • What evidence is there of customer service effectiveness?
  • What evidence is there of customer relationship management effectiveness?
  • Is there access to e-mail and/or phone communication from the website?
  • Is there access to text message response or web chat from the website and/or other social media sites?
  • Is there access to menus, the site index, and the home page from each screen?
    • Are there accessible navigation aids (buttons, screen visibility, position)?
    • Is there simplicity of flow (two clicks to info; three clicks to buy)?
  • Do external web links assist the user?

Reading :    chapter 1-19

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