You are to write a case brief of: The opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in the case of Maddox v. Montgomery. It is located in Ingram, p. 817

The brief must have the following sections:

Title of the Case: Who are the parties to the appeal?

  • Facts: a synopsis of the essential facts – brief but in sufficient detail to give the factual situation upon which the court made its decisions. You also need to state the appellate process in the case, i.e. how the case went up on appeal to the Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Issue: An interrogatory sentence that sets forth the issue or issues in the case, i.e. a statement in question form.
  • Decision: What the court did with respect to the lower court’s ruling, e.g. did they affirm the lower court or reverse, or did they remand the case to the lower court for additional consideration.
  • Reasoning: The rationale the judges used to decide the case.
  • Citations: The main cases cited by the court in support of its decision must be listed.
  • Rule of Law: a brief digest of the rule or rules of law that the court followed in deciding the case and which the court states is the correct statement of the law that must be followed.
  • Any dissenting or concurring opinions and what the judge or judges said in the concurring and dissenting opinion. Note that not all cases have concurring and/or dissenting opinions.