Posted: March 29th, 2021

assessment literacy | Education homework help

The focus of  this assignment is on exploring your own ‘Assessment Literacy’.  Follow each of the steps to produce a formal paper.  The final paper should be able to stand on it’s own without any headings or ‘Step’ notations.

Step One:            Take the Classroom Assessment Literacy Inventory (CALI).  Assess your responses using the attached answer key.   In 1-2 paragraphs summarize your results.

                           CALI – Classroom Assessment Literacy Inventory [PDF]

CALI – Answer Key [DOC]


Step Two:            Read “Appendix A: Standards for Teacher Competence in Educational Assessment of Students”.  In 2-3 paragraphs identify and discuss key ideas from the Standards that relate to your performance on the CALI.

                          Appendix A: Standards for Teacher Competence in Educational Assessment of Students [PDF]


Step Three:         Read “Assessment Literacy Defined – May 2016; the report from the National Task Force on Assessment education for Teachers”.  In 1-2 paragraphs note the commonly used definition for Assessment Literacy and then in your own words write your own definition.  You may write the definition as learning objectives with phrases such as ‘teachers will be able to . . .’ or ‘teachers can . . .’ 

                          Assessment Literacy Defined – May 2016 [PDF]


Step Four:           In a few paragraphs discuss the professional learning you have undertaken regarding assessment.  Coursework?  Undergraduate classes?  Workshops?  Inservice?

Step Five:            Discuss in detail the professional learning that you would need to consider yourself ‘Assessment Literate’.  Discuss the status of your current setting in terms of Assessment Literacy.  Describe what you could do as a teacher leader in your own setting to help the staff to be more assessment literate.

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