Posted: March 28th, 2021

Laplace transform and analysis in s-domain

This week’s lab is based on the application of circuit analysis techniques to a capacitive circuit with Multisim. You will learn to utilize Multisim to perform the mesh analysis.

  1. Watch video entitled “Week 6 – Oscillator Circuits in Multisim”
  2. Design a Wein bridge Oscillator in Figure 15.39 in Multisim to generate a sinusoidal signal at frequency of 300Hz. Consider a capacitor of 1uF, resistor R = 5950Ω, R1 = 3Ω, Rf = 6.05Ω for the oscillator circuit.
    1. Determine output voltage ‘Vo’ and run the simulation to plot the output of the oscillations at frequency of 300 Hz using an oscilloscope.
    2. Increase the frequency to 500Hz, 800Hz and 1000Hz and plot the output of the oscillator at these multiple frequencies.
    3. Take the screen capture of the oscilloscope readings for all the frequencies.
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. What is the requirement to generate oscillation in the circuit? Is the circuit stable or unstable?
    2. What do you observe in the oscillations when the frequency is increased?
    3. With increased frequency, did you observe the oscillations? If not what did you adjust to observe the oscillations?
    4. Explore different practical applications of oscillator circuits and explain.
  4. Create a new word document called “Lab6_StudentID.docx” with your GID substituted into the file name.
  5. Save the simulation results from step 2 along with the measurements and screen captures. Make sure to answer the questions in step 6.
  6. Upload file “Lab6_StudentID”.

Grading Rubrics

Demonstrate understanding of Circuit Analysis in s-domain

10 points

Analyze the circuit in Figure 15.39 to compute the output of the oscillator circuit

20 points

Circuit design in Multisim (Figure 15.39)

10 points

Measurement of oscillations for different frequencies

30 points

Answer to the questions

20 points

Lab Report (includes table, measurement with proper units, screenshots, APA guidelines)

10 points


100 points


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