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Adams state university bus 304 module 2 quiz (2015)

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Course Principles of Marketing
Test module 2 quiz
Question 1
1. Mattel Toy’s Web site offers only specialty products, such as American Girl dolls, because:
1. protecting distribution channels is part of the corporate strategy.
2. the company wants to focus on its non-gaming divisions.
3. customers are not able to purchase speciality items from store locations.
4. the company can make more profit from speciality items.
2 points  
Question 2
1. Alliances are considered essential in a country where:
1. the partners combine resources and capital to create competitive advantages in a new market.
2. partnerships with local firms provide regional expertise for a company expanding its operations abroad.
3. laws require foreign firms doing business there to work with local companies.
4. efforts are required to achieve organizational objectives by predicting and influencing the competitive and political-legal environments.
2 points  
Question 3
1. A(n) _____ is a structure that refers to a limited number of sellers in an industry in which high start-up costs form barriers to keep out new competitors deters newcomers from breaking into markets while ensuring that corporations remain innovative.
1. monopsony
2. oligopoly
3. duopoly
4. monopoly
2 points  
Question 4
1. Behavioral targeting collects information over a period of time to develop a significantly detailed user profile.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 5
1. The strategic process of creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing goods and services to a target market through both computer and non-computer technologies is called:
1. online marketing.
2. electronic marketing.
3. offline business.
4. electronic commerce.
2 points  
Question 6
1. The strength of consumer spending is directly correlated to the rate of unemployment.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 7
1. The strategic implication of the Internet is that the dynamics of marketing are shifting from market led to consumer focused.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 8
1. Keith is a marketer for Olympus cameras. He has organized an arrangement with a search engine by which Olympus pays the search engine a fee for listing the company in the top three results when a computer user enters “digital camera” into the search engine. This is an example of:
1. B2C e-commerce.
2. B2B e-commerce.
3. active marketing.
4. search marketing.
2 points  
Question 9
1. Marketers must take into account external environments when creating a marketing strategy. These include all of the following except the _____ environment.
1. creative
2. political-legal
3. competitive
4. social-cultural
2 points  
Question 10
1. Which is the most common form of Internet advertising?
1. Banner ad
2. Search marketing
3. Pop-up ad
4. Web ad
2 points  
Question 11
1. The first step in creating an effective Web site is to:
1. determine whether the site is to be informational or provide entertainment.
2. create an eye-catching home page.
3. clarify the site’s immediate purpose.
4. establish a clear objective for the site.
2 points  
Question 12
1. In online B2B, companies buy and sell through electronic exchanges, which are Web-based marketplaces that cater to a specific industry’s needs.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 13
1. A customer of All World Bank receives telemarketing calls and e-mails from the bank’s business partners, Specialty Insurance and Global Investments. Since the customer has signed into the Do Not Call Registry, these companies are in violation of the federal regulation.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 14
1. Comparing B2B e-business with B2C e-business,:
1. the annual transaction volume of both are equal.
2. there is no way to accurately measure the volume of either.
3. there are nine times more B2B transactions annually.
4. B2C transactions exceed B2B transactions when considering the global market.
2 points  
Question 15
1. Phishing is defined as:
1. pop-ups that direct users to other Web sites.
2. an acronym for Providing Heightened Internet Security by Heeding Internet Navigation Guidelines.
3. looking through options found in an Internet search inquiry.
4. trolling for personal data by posing as a legitimate Web site familiar to the user.
2 points  
Question 16
1. Which strategy requires developing and distributing goods and services more quickly than competitors?
1. Flanker
2. Follower
3. Harvesting
4. Time-based competition
2 points  
Question 17
1. B2B e-business has been shown to:
1. hinder success by trying to reach the next target market too quickly.
2. create price increases in the distribution component of the marketing mix.
3. complicate the direct exchange of information between vendor and customer.
4. make it possible for marketers to find new markets and customers.
2 points  
Question 18
1. Shopping is made easier through the use of bots, which search hundreds of Web sites for information on products that meet certain criteria set by the customer.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 19
1. Legal contracts regarding real estate, insurance, and other financial transactions are now possible online due to the development of:
1. the electronic signature.
2. online banking.
3. the electronic wallet.
4. thumbprint scanning.
2 points  
Question 20
1. The competition between Amtrak, Hertz, and Delta Airlines for the travelers’ dollar is considered indirect competition because these services can be substituted for one another.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 21
1. According to recent estimates, almost _____ percent of people who were online have shopped from online stores.
1. 66
2. 5
3. 80
4. 25
2 points  
Question 22
1. would be in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act if it distributed, without verifiable parental consent, identifiable information on children under 16 years of age.
1. True
2. False
2 points  
Question 23
1. Six firms – GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan – share 90 percent of U.S. auto sales. This is one of the reasons why the auto industry is considered a monopoly.
1. False
2. True
2 points  
Question 24
1. Which step in the Pyramid of Social Responsibility focuses on contributing resources to the
community and improving quality of life?
1. Ethical
2. Philanthropic
3. Economic
4. Legal
2 points  
Question 25
1. Online forums are a source of information exchange and can take the form of a bulletin board, directory, or library of information.
1. False
2. True


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