Posted: March 26th, 2021

Routine message exercise | Management homework help

Please complete this exercise only if you have finished watching the lecture videos on pre-writing and organization. The homework is designed to practice your skills in writing an organized paragraph. Specifically, the components of the homework include:

Part 1: Listen to the video on powerless language.

Part 2:Carry an index card for two days and “check” every time you catch yourself using a disfluency/powerless language during everyday conversations.

Part 3: Write a paragraph about your powerless language use. The paragraph should have a clear, concise topic sentence, supporting evidence, transitions, and a mini-conclusion. Your paragraph should address the following questions:

What powerless languages/disfluencies did you use most (i.e., report your checks)?

When did you use these disfluencies most?

What change did you notice over the two days, if any?

How do you plan to improve in the future?

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