Posted: March 25th, 2021

Reading report | Electrical Engineering homework help

Success in Digital Logic Design requires substantial preparation and sustained effort.  These reading reports will ensure that you as students adequately prepare for lecture by reading the textbook before lecture discusses those topics in further depth.  There will be several main components to this report.
Create an outline of chapter concepts
Research and explore two of the blurbs referenced in a grey side boxes.
Copy and paste 2 figures from the chapter, explain their significance.
Write out 5 example problems and their solutions.  Create a variation of those examples, and solve the variation.
Create a glossary section of at least 5 words from the chapter and their definitions from a dictionary.
Solve one of the ‘Interview Questions’ at the end of the chapter.
Reflect on the content of chapter and your report.  What sections were easy?  Which sections were difficult?
Write three questions that you’ll want answered during lecture.

There are three sections to be graded on the reading reports.
Breadth – 3 Points
Are all of the subsections included in the outline?
Are the 2 figures from different sections of the chapter?
Do the 5 example problems offer exposure and practice to all sections of the chapter?
Do the questions apply to different sections of the chapter?Depth – 3 Points
Are the sections in the outline sufficiently thorough?  1 or 2 sentences would not include enough detail to provide insight into the contents of the subsection.
Are the example problems thoroughly explained?  A simple answer would probably not be thorough.
Does the reflection give a genuine chance for the student to read and analyze the contents of the chapter?Professionalism – 4 Points
Is the document formatted consistently?
Is the grammar distractingly poor?
Does the report use taboo words? to an external site.
 Does the report appear to be rushed and not yet polished.  A first draft is probably not your best draft.

chapter 3 

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