Posted: March 24th, 2021

Ppt & paper combination assignment

For Paper:

Write and develop an APA formatted, 4 to 6-page paper that includes:

● Introduction

● Explanation of the three to four of the most important leadership concepts you have learned in this course. Use examples from your own experience and use research along with in-text citations that provide a foundation of validity to your analysis.

● A detailed personal Leadership Improvement plan. Identify the key elements of your plan to strengthen your practice of leadership (e.g., what, when, how, resources, and so forth).

● Conclusion

Please include at least 6 peer-reviewed references

For PPT:

In addition to your CLA2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA2. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your CLA2 report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. 

Please see the attachment for the template of the paper and PPT. For the PPT, I have listed out the concept and skills that I want to include in the paper and presentation.

For the personal leadership experience, you could refer to the discussion questions that I answered.

This assignment will be the combination of the PPT and Paper. You could use the material on the paper for the PPT. Please develop the PPT based on the concepts and skills that I given. 

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