Posted: March 24th, 2021

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 Amy Cuddy – Power Posing
This Amy Cuddy Ted Talks video has become widely popular because it hits most people as counterintuitive. While we have focused on the power of “Body Language” as a communicative tool that allows us to perceive others’ emotions, Amy’s research indicates that out body position can have a powerful physiological effect on us as well. As she puts it, we have long believed our mind controls our body, but could it also be true that our body
controls our mind?
She advocates for using your body position to influence critical hormones such as testosterone and cortisol. Influencing these key hormones to make ourselves more confident and less stress reactive can influence life outcomes.

Please answer the following in a one page essay:

Do you believe Cuddy’s contention that our body language influences our mind (and thus the outcomes we may achieve)? For full credit explain “Why” you answer as you have?



Web Link
Simon Sinek Ted Talk Link

Simon Sinek proposes a model he calls the “Golden Circle”. Question1: How does his model relate to the concept of Emotional Intelligence that we have discussed in class.

Question 2: Many “marketing-oriented observers” would claim that the most successful television commercial of all time was an Apple commercial which was run once during the Super Bowl in 1984. Please view the commercial and explain how the commercial aligns with Sinek’s “Golden Circle” model.

Answer both of the above questions in a 1 page essay and submit on BB by September 18th.


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