Posted: March 23rd, 2021

Eco 100 week 8 discussion


“Globalization in Your Life”

Tariffs on steel and aluminum are proposed to be set at 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum.

Watch the video Tariffs and Protectionism to prepare for this week’s discussion.

Reply to these questions in your post:

• Who do you think will ultimately pay these tariffs? Explain your answer. 

• Describe a good or service you use that has been impacted by trade or globalization. What are some advantages and/or disadvantages you have experienced? 

Discuss globalization with your peers:

o Reply to a peer and discuss their experience with trade or globalization. Was your peer’s experience like yours? Did you learn something new from reading your peer’s reply? 


 Please note your children or grandchildren may enjoy and learn from these videos!- especially this mind blowing fascinating video 0n large container ship for world commerce 

It was the Maersk ship Maersk Alabama that was highjacked by pirates, and which story was made into movie Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. I do recommend this movie. Trailer for movie

 Arctic sea lanes opening to world commerce because of global warming – transportation costs cheaper for shorter routes   Putin/Russia plants  Russian flag on floor of North Pole claiming it and all its riches for Russia! (like Columbus in the New World!) 


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