Posted: March 23rd, 2021

Cj216: unit 6 | Criminal homework help

Resources: PowerPoint Guidelines from Library and Chapter 16 in your textbook.  You have been instructed by your Chief of Police to prepare a presentation for in-service training regarding types of computer crimes. These can be computer, computer-related, or technology crimes.  Create a 5-8 slide PowerPoint Presentation incorporating speaker notes identifying at least four crimes that can involve computers.  Include the following in your presentation. •Identify four or more computer related crimes. •Describe each of the four crimes with a complete description of how each crime could be committed supported with resources.  Format your presentation consistent with the following guidelines:  Use at least two additional sources outside of your course textbook.  Cite all sources using APA format and ensure your references are in your speakers notes or you will be cited with plagarism.  Include a title slide and reference slide in addition to the length requirements.  Use one basic slide layout for the design.  Use speaker notes to fully explain what is being discussed in the bullet points as though you are presenting to an audience. See attached for the grading rubrics and follow for grading requirments. Save your Assignment in the following format: Last name First name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit6_Assignment2).  Submit your Assignment by selecting the Unit 6: Assignment 2 in the Dropbox by the end of Unit 6.

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