Posted: March 16th, 2021

Assignment 11: final strategic development | HA4110D-Healthcare Planning and Evaluation | National American University

HA4110D – Healthcare Planning and Evaluation 

Assignment 11: Final Strategic Development


 Task: Submit to complete this assignment


Using the completed exercises and guideline, write a 10- 12-page paper on how to develop a strategic plan using your chosen organization as the main subject, but incorporate other resources as needed.

The project paper should include:

1.Cover page



4.Corporate mission

5.The culture and the community

6.Results from the competitive analysis

7.Results from broad analysis

8.Financial statement from the past 5 years

9.McKinsey 7 results or BCG analysis results *Can use the exercise, but a paragraph must be included to explain the results

10.Ansoff or TOWs results in paragraph form

11.Strategic fit within the organization and community

12.Summation of strategic plan

13.Reference page with a minimum of 8 references all in APA format – no URLs accepted alone.

Strategic Analysis for Healthcare: Concepts and Practical Applications–Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61

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