APA format, 11 pages ( total of 12 pages because 1 page of reference), in-text citation in APA format, REQUIRED 10 REFERENCES both academic and government sources. minimum of 3 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles. The remaining 7 references must either be scholarly journal articles or come from other well-respected sources, such as government reports, think tank, or professional association publications or Web site.

Topic: Turbulent Tornadoes in Oklahoma City Area, 2013 mainly focus in Planning, preparations, or training and exercises for resilience and Economics of resilience and security; costs of disasters and disruptions.

Support all statements of facts, assertions, and conclusions with credible sources. Cite the source, whether you are summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting directly. Follow the APA guidelines for quoting sources, including specific page or paragraph numbers in the in-text citations.

Reuse those:

Bluestein, H. B., Thiem, K. J., Snyder, J. C., & Houser, J. B. (2019). Tornadogenesis and early tornado evolution in the El Reno, Oklahoma, supercell on 31 May 2013. Monthly   Weather Review, 147(6), 2045-2066.

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