Carefully read the instructions on the PDF.

On the PDF it is mentioned:

3. Compare your strengths and areas for improvement evaluated in the How Good Is Your… discussion to the skills evaluated in the interview process

Here is How Good Is Your… discussion¬†

“My problem-solving score is 46 and my decision-making score is 60.

I think that the scores are kind of right. I can identify the problem, narrow down some process to solve a problem, but something I just do not follow at 100 % the steps, sometimes I follow my instinct rather than my steps, or my feelings. My strengths are, identifying a problem, being positive in any situation, I have many approaches while trying to solve a problem or a making decision, and I am flexible. According to, I need to improve my process and be more proactive, I need to learn how to follow processes by working on my consistency and committing to the process. I will try solving more problems and making decisions by considering what I have learned so far in order to improve my skills.”

P.S: Must respect the rubrics, use difficult terms (Use a non-native English)