Posted: March 11th, 2021

Term paper of asia: chiang kai-shek in the shanghai massacre

 Each student is required to type an argumentative term paper/essay totalling a minimum of 2000 words (excluding citations, bibliography, etc.) answering the topic question that was approved via the research proposal process. o Term papers/essays should have a clearly stated argument/thesis at the beginning. ▪ Term papers/essays written on topics other than what has been approved for each student will result in an automatic “0” grade. • All references (citations and bibliography) must be done according to the CMS format. • A completed term paper should feature a minimum of 8 sources of differing varieties. o This can include, but are not limited to, books, magazines, journals, videos/films, interviews, case studies and www/internet items as appropriate to the topic chosen (Wikipedia is NOT an accepted source). • The term paper/essay must be double-spaced. • The term paper/essay must be submitted as a single file in either .doc or .docx format to Canvas by 11:59pm on 4March, 2020. 

please use articles from this website: (JSTOR)

( you can access this website by my Student id: 10119362 and password: xxx). please dont use anything from wikipedia

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