Posted: March 11th, 2021

Proposal/final outline | Science homework help

Social Movement: LGBTQIA (or any single group, including, for example, Black trans folks)

First part : Proposal for Final Paper

This week, you must submit a proposal for your final paper.
Please be sure that your proposal addresses the following:

  • Which transnational movement have you selected? What issue/s does it address? Do these issues vary by region? What regions (if any) will you focus on? Why are you interested in these themes?
  • What research question would you like to pursue? Some examples may include: “Why has XXX movement been popular in some regions but not others?”; “In what ways has transnational organizing (or transnational spread) of the movement lent strength to local groups?”; “Why are women more often excluded from leading roles in Global North but not Global South countries?”
  • What is your timeline? Provide a weekly list of tasks/objectives to be accomplished. They should be SMART goals (Links to an external site.)

Your proposal should be 500 words minimum. (I attached some examples)

Part 2: Outline

This week, you will submit your outline and a list of 9 sources. This should include 3 course readings that most relate to your intended topic. In addition, you must have at least 6 other articles or books which are directly related to your topic. (I also attached some examples down below)

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