Posted: March 11th, 2021

Midterm essay 1 | English homework help

 Each essay should be about 500 words each (2 pages double spaced). 

 Your essays are (to be) succinct, but I encourage you to develop and to support your ideas as clearly and as cogently as space allows, including brief citations of specific lines that illustrate your understanding, and use of summary and paraphrase in support of each analysis.  It is helpful for your argument (advisable) to include a statement that makes a claim or presents a thesis with explanation and support.  Your interpretations are to be explanatory and implicitly argumentative: an occasion for you to clarify and advance your understanding.  This is a chance to share your perceptions, enthusiasms, and doubts as you delve into an aspect of each text’s significance, purpose, and effects.  Assume that your audience is familiar with each book and take care to articulate clearly your inquiry into the material, especially problems or contradictions that seem difficult to resolve. 

Discuss the importance of language or displacement in Achebe’s An Image of Africa text. Start by examining what Achebe says about language or culture, and then move on to where you see it in The Lonely Londoners Novel by Samuel Selvon

Attached below is Achebe’s work.

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