Posted: March 11th, 2021

Jmdiscussion4 | Education homework help


You’ve learned about a three-step process for providing positive guidance to children. To review, the steps are: 1) help the children understand the situation, 2) discuss what is going on, and 3) help the children participate in problem solving. It’s time to put these steps into practice!

To prepare for this discussion, choose a scenario pertaining to the age group you are working with or have the most access to currently. Download the document below to get started.

Module 04 Discussion Scenarios

For your initial post, read the scenario corresponding to the age group you selected. (If you work with multiple age groups, select one for purposes of this discussion.) Or, you may describe a real scenario that you encountered in working with children. Then, state how you would respond to the scenario for each of the three positive guidance steps.

For your follow-up post, reply to TWO students in this discussion: one who selected the same age group, and one who selected a different group. Offer alternative ways to respond to the scenarios they chose.

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