Diversity in organizations, while it has improved in the last 70 years, is still less than ideal. A recent study by the EEOC (Links to an external site.)  has shown that despite changes in the law, changes in our cultural  values and norms, and a wealth of money spent by organizations on  training, that harassment based upon our diverse characteristics (sex  (including sexual orientation, pregnancy, and gender identity), race,  color, national origin, religion, age, disability, and/or genetic  information) still happens with far to regular frequency.  As a result,  the EEOC has developed a training called “Respect in the Workplace”  which “incorporate the report’s recommendations on compliance, workplace  civility, and bystander intervention training.” The goal of the  trainings is to have a real impact on workplace culture.

  • Tying together what we have learned about organizational and  behavioral change, communication, and leadership, discuss in 250-350  words how you would work as a leader in your organization in teaching  other to value diversity and treat each other with respect in the  workplace. Use at least 3 references (APA) to justify why your actions  will be effective.