Posted: March 11th, 2021

Discussion board | BUSINESS 1A | Hartnell Community College District

Ch 05 Discussion Forum AC#3: Efficiency paragraph (Initial posts due Wednesday, Two replies due Thursday)

33 unread replies.33 replies.

Please follow the procedure provided in a separate link to complete this case.  Present your results in this forum by posting what the reporting form requires.  The reporting form is on the very last page of the procedure.  Include your company name, ticker symbol, and the written paragraph work required by the reporting form.  Please do not attach your work as a file.      

Read at least two other students’ posts and reply to them in the forum.  

Keep the discussion forum grading rubric in mind when you work on this case. There are very specific requirements and scores are determined based on meeting those requirements.  

Forum initial posts are due Wednesday nights before midnight -worth 60% of the score.

Two reply posts indicating engagement in the materials are required by Thursday night before midnight – worth 40% of the score.

Much more detail is available in the discussion forum grading rubric.


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