Posted: March 11th, 2021

Community data assessment paper | nursing


Community Assessment Intervention Project Paper

In this scholarly paper you will utilize the data collected previously to support the need for the proposed intervention, which you previously identified based on your assessment.  

This builds on previous learning on performance improvement and evidence-based practice. The following topics must be covered in the paper.


  1. Introduction – the identified need and a summary of relevant data that supports the need, its relevance to public health nursing practice as summarized from your data collected
  2. Proposed Intervention – description of intervention – evidence/ research/ literature to support and at what level(s) of prevention is the intervention
  3. Resources required – stakeholders and how to involve, financial costs estimated, other requirements like facilities, locations, persons, equipment
  4. Implementation plan including timeline
  5. Specific Evaluation method(s) to assess effectiveness of the intervention
  6. Reflection on your individual learning from completion of the project. Include how this has or will impact your professional practice at this point in your career or in the future. 
  7. APA format is required – see grade rubric for reference type and number.

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