Posted: March 11th, 2021

Close reading paper about a picture at least 400 words

A one to two page “close reading” paper of a photography-based artwork by an artist featured in a current or recent art exhibition at an art gallery, museum, artist-run space that is featured online. You may briefly touch on the background of the artist, but you should focus on a single or pair of photographs, and give a “close reading” of a selected work discussing the technical, compositional, genre, and subject-matter presented. How do the creative and technical choices make help build the meaning of the individual work and their project overall? Provide evidence by pointing to specific details in the photograph, and stating another social, cultural, or political contexts relevant to interpretation. 

You pick a picture from online sush as:

and do a close reading paper of at least 400 words.

Please pick a picture that enough detail to demonstrate for the presentation.

I have attached the instruction as pdf below

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