Posted: March 11th, 2021

Bus 202 entrepreneurship 5000words report and 12 slide ppts

BUS 202 Entrepreneurship 

Final Hospitality Business Plan Project 

Due Date: march 1st

Materials & Resources Required:

Computer Access, municipal business resources/offices  

Scope, Requirements & Guidelines 

• This assignment gives you an opportunity to develop a successful hospitality industry business plan that would convince an investment firm to invest in your venture• Your selected topic must be associated with a current problem or designed to fill a need in the hospitality industry• The business plan must be supported by real life facts and figures • Your business plan must comprise 5000 words (20 pages), double spaced, typed using Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font• Your business plan must be supported by a power point presentation with full participation from all members of the group. Your presentation counts for 10% of your project grade• References and citations are fully enforced 


Your business plan may vary according to your specific needs; however the following areas of planning are recommended to make a strong case to your investors. 

1. Executive summary11%2. Organizational plan11%3. Industry Analysis11%4. Production Plan11%5. Marketing plan11%6. Assessment of Risk11%7. Financial Plan11%8. Reference page3%9. Presentation20%

Assignment evaluation criteria

Groups are required to do presentations and use creative means to enhance their work. All members are required to participate in assembling and presenting their findings. 

Your assignment will be graded on the following:

The appropriateness, organization and in depth understanding of your business plan. The attention to logic, reasoning of points and coherence of ideas will be evaluated.  

The ‘real life content’ and originality of the materials included in the assignment. 

Presentation: Groups must support their project and convince investors to invest in their idea with a 10 minutes power point presentation carrying 20% of the assignment grade. The following will be used for evaluation 

-organization of the presentation and quality of slides 

-demonstrate preparedness and not read off the power point 

-ability to answer questions 

-Completing the presentation in the assigned time 


Plagiarism and Cheating

Cheating which includes plagiarism occurs when a student uses or tries to use materials, methods or assistance which is not approved by an instructor (i.e. copying off someone else’s tests “cheat sheets” etc.). Cheating is a serious education offence. Plagiarism occurs when a student submits or presents the work of another person as his/her own, either by copying text word for word, or using someone else’s work. It is not considered plagiarism when excerpts are used in paragraphs or essays, and the author is acknowledge through footnotes or accepted practices.

Assignment must be typed, double spaced and no smaller than 12point font. They must be at time on the due date. Late submissions will not be graded and receive a zero mark.

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