Posted: March 11th, 2021

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This week you will prepare for the Final Persuasive Essay by completing a Writing Plan.  The Writing Plan will help you identify the main elements necessary to compose an effective essay. Attached below is a Worksheet, which you will download, complete and submit for a grade.  Following are the directions for the essay that is due in Week Four.  You will need to select a topic, find relevant sources from the Library and then complete the worksheet.Persuasive Essay (Due Week Three)

  • The persuasive essay requires you to argue a position on a debatable topic. 
  • You will support your position by conducting research, evaluating evidence, and presenting it in a well-organized essay. 
  • This assignment is based on research. It is not simply a preference or an expression of your opinion.   
  • The goal is to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view by using reliable sources, statistics and facts, logic, examples, and expert opinions.
  • The essay should address an opposing view, and respectfully state why your position is stronger.
  • The final essay should include a thesis statement, clear position on chosen topic, acknowledgement of the opposing view, clear purpose and direction, and effective conclusion.
  • Revised essay should be error free and consistent in tone, point of view and verb tense.
  • Three reliable sources are required to support your position.
  • Reliable sources include Keiser Library, Google scholar, and others approved by your instructor.

*See Revision Worksheet and Rubric for guidance and assessment of your work.Choose one of the following Writing Suggestions or you may choose a topic relevant to your career or studies.  The topic must be debatable (have two opposing sides), research based (use facts, not personal opinion) and relevant to your career.  See page 171 for further guidance.

  • IMMIGRATION: Should the U.S. offer a path to citizenship/legal residency for illegal immigrants?
  • MINIMUM WAGE: Should the minimum wage be raised from its current $7.25 per hour?
  • ENVIRONMENT: Should the US support initiatives that restrict carbon emissions (or carbon pollution)?


  • 1000 words minimum
  • Must include three sources with in-text and reference citations
  • Microsoft Word document
  • APA Format with title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page
  • Submission to OWL is recommended


  • Download the Writing Plan Worksheet
  • Save the document as YOUR LAST NAME WEEK 3 WORKSHEET
  • Submit your document as an ATTACHMENT
  • Make sure that you have actually attached the document.

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