Posted: March 10th, 2021

Analyzing a message | Marketing homework help

Analyzing a Message:

Write your response as a memo directed to me. Analyze the advertisement in terms of how well it does, or does not, apply the principles and concepts discussed in the readings for this exercise.

How do the visuals and the text of the Digital World Technologies advertisement in  Figure 1.1 on page 7 stress to current (and potential) employees, customers, and stock-holders that the company is committed to diversity in the workplace? Also  explain  how the ad illustrates the functions of on-the-job writing as defined on pages 20–26 (“Characteristics of Job-Related Writing”). (All those pages are in the file)

Please watch these links to help you write a formal memo:

Upwrite Press, “The Key Forms of Business Writing: Basic Memo,”

Purdue Owl, “Memos” (follow the links in the opening paragraph)

University of Maryland Global Campus, Effective Writing Center, “How to Write the Perfect Memo”

Ashford University, “Writing a Business Memo”

Colorado State University, WAC Clearinghouse, “Business Memos”

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