Posted: March 9th, 2021

Health sciences | Social Science homework help


Week 5: The federal government can authorize quarantine through the Public Health Service Act in conjunction with executive orders that state the specific diseases that are quarantinable. There are also international laws as well as state specific laws. This week we will look at those laws. 

1. Define and discuss the difference between quarantine and isolation.

2. Many times quarantine is enacted on a voluntary basis but there have been times in modern history where quarantine has been mandatory. Review a case of mandatory quarantine/isolation and how the laws were used to enforce it. Examples include Andrew Speaker and MDR-TB in 2007 or Kaci Hickox and Ebola in 2014. You may find another case to use but it should be within the last 10-20 years. We will discuss ethical concerns next work, so just look at these cases from a legal standpoint. Was enforcement necessary? Was it legal? Were the laws sufficient or not enough in this case?

APA Style with references and quotations.

2 pages

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